WTF: Executive Function

Executive function is the set of cognitive functions that enables you to do things. In broad terms, executive function covers three areas: working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control (including self-control). Together, these three areas make up a lot of what we do. If you haven’t heard the term “executive function” before you might haveContinue reading “WTF: Executive Function”

WTF: Teaching

We are so excited to start our September series on teaching for all of you abd2phd-ers who are just starting, or soon to start, the academic year. The majority of PhD students in the United States attend research universities of some sort. Research universities, as the name implies, are focused primarily on research. This createsContinue reading “WTF: Teaching”

Sh*t I don’t know. Sh*t I do.

Hey Friends, I’ve been absent for a while. I didn’t mean to take time off in the middle of this series but sh*t happens. In particular, I’ve been going through what The Thesis Whisperer calls “The Valley of Shit.” I have been so close to calling it quits and walking away to do anything else.Continue reading “Sh*t I don’t know. Sh*t I do.”

WTF: Working-Class Academics

I’ve been putting off introducing this month’s theme: working-class and first-gen PhD students because it’s personal and because I don’t know where to start with something that is, simultaneously, so big and so close to home. Let me start with why I’m addressing this topic at all. A month ago, I wanted to do a WeeklyContinue reading “WTF: Working-Class Academics”