Still Here

Hi Friends, It’s been over two months since we last posted. Perhaps you thought that we had disappeared, but we’re still here and still passionate about helping YOU get through your PhD in a way that is physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial for you. One thing humanities PhD students know we’ll is that, if youContinue reading “Still Here”

Happy Labor Day!

How right and how fitting it is that we should end our summer series on rest this Labor Day. Yes, Labor Day is traditionally seen as the end of summer, with many U.S. schools going back into session the days of carefree summer fun are at an end. More importantly, however, Labor Day is aContinue reading “Happy Labor Day!”


Some days rest is easy: the sun shines, the breeze blows, and your inbox is empty. These days are magical. And Rare. If you’re a typical PhD student your days are more likely to be spent in a small, windowless office shared with several other graduate students. Other graduate students in your field, and theContinue reading “Mindfulness”

Flow: A Very Doable Magic Trick

I debated long and hard about whether or not to include the concept of “flow” in our summer series on rest because flow isn’t really a way of resting so much as it is a way of working. The flow state is more commonly known as “being in the zone” and you’ve probably experienced itContinue reading “Flow: A Very Doable Magic Trick”

We Bend So We Don’t Break

Yesterday someone I follow asked the Twitterverse how to keep working when one’s natural impulse is to drive to the Trump administration’s concentration camps and tear them down with their bare hands. Yesterday, I had an answer–something about trusting that our work is dedicated to tearing down systemic injustices and will create a more equitableContinue reading “We Bend So We Don’t Break”


If you search for “academic work-life balance” you will get a lot of contradictory results. You may see some advice that says the main responsibilities of a graduate student are producing research (here and here). Then you will find more realistic advice which acknowledges that academics, including graduate students, are not only asked to doContinue reading “Balance”