Free to Fail

My birthday was last week and I threw a party. In lieu of a cake I made dozens and dozens of macarons. They were delicious (it was the cake batter buttercream) and my guests were very impressed. Several people told me that they didn’t know I had such advanced baking skills as macarons have aContinue reading “Free to Fail”

A Dissertation is a Thousand Cranes

Being from a working-class background, I grew up identifying “work” as something with visible, tangible results. My stepdad poured concrete. His work was a series of discrete tasks. That is not to say it didn’t take skill–it absolutely did–but at the end of the day, when his work was done, there was concrete where thereContinue reading “A Dissertation is a Thousand Cranes”

September, Baby!

Welcome to the Academic New Year! For myself, and many of the academics I know, September is the most magical month: new planners, new pencils, new pens, new term and, most importantly, new potential. September feels like a new start and this time, baby, we’re gonna get it right! We often go into a newContinue reading “September, Baby!”