What Does It Mean To Learn

It seems like a simple question: we all know what it means to learn. We’ve been learning our whole lives and, if you got into grad school, you’re probably pretty good at learning. Sometimes, when we are good at something, we don’t think much about how that thing works. Addressing the question of what itContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Learn”

Just One Day

Listen. I have something important to tell you. You may not believe me, but I promise that what I’m about to tell you is 1000% true and it’s important for you to sit with this knowledge: Every working professor I know is A MESS when it comes to teaching. No. Really. I’m not saying theyContinue reading “Just One Day”

How to Fail

Earlier this week we shared that a crucial part of making progress on your dissertation isn’t just letting go of perfection but actively giving yourself the freedom to fail. Today, we’re going to share our favorite ways to fail. If you take lessons in acrobatics, stagecraft, or tumbling, one of the first things you willContinue reading “How to Fail”

Free to Fail

My birthday was last week and I threw a party. In lieu of a cake I made dozens and dozens of macarons. They were delicious (it was the cake batter buttercream) and my guests were very impressed. Several people told me that they didn’t know I had such advanced baking skills as macarons have aContinue reading “Free to Fail”