Fall Break

Hi All, Here in the states we’re approaching Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving is a heap of white people bullshit but it is a break built into the academic calendar so we’re going to take our own advice and take the week off to rest after finishing up our two month long series on teaching time management.Continue reading “Fall Break”

Writing vs. Editing

When I was in coursework I often had 3 seminar papers due around the same time at the end of the semester. Combined with teaching responsibilities and the rigors of trying to be a person (e.g. cooking, cleaning, showering) I often wrote these papers at the last minute. What I mean by that, is thatContinue reading “Writing vs. Editing”

It’s Called A Trash Can

  Last Wednesday, we asserted that “dissertations are a trash genre.” We stand by this statement However, we’ve also received some great feedback from people who have written dissertations that we wish to add. The most important thing to reiterate is that you absolutely have to write a dissertation. It is the only way toContinue reading “It’s Called A Trash Can”

WTF: Dissertating

The dissertation. If you want to go from ABD to PhD, or abd2phd, then you have to write a dissertation. You can do all the other things we’ve discussed from prelims to teaching to service work and if you don’t write the damn dissertation then you don’t get the damn PhD. As my partner andContinue reading “WTF: Dissertating”