Stop Working So Hard

You are working too hard on teaching and you need to stop. I know you think you’re not doing enough, but I promise you that you are doing too much. How do I know this? Because all new professors do too much. (And, yes, if you have yet to defend your dissertation I’m counting youContinue reading “Stop Working So Hard”

Teaching is a TARDIS

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Who’s home/time traveling device/constant companion then the idea that teaching is a TARDIS may not make sense to you but it’s not hard to get. A TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside. Similarly, teaching takes up much more of your actual time than it looks likeContinue reading “Teaching is a TARDIS”

How to Fail

Earlier this week we shared that a crucial part of making progress on your dissertation isn’t just letting go of perfection but actively giving yourself the freedom to fail. Today, we’re going to share our favorite ways to fail. If you take lessons in acrobatics, stagecraft, or tumbling, one of the first things you willContinue reading “How to Fail”

Free to Fail

My birthday was last week and I threw a party. In lieu of a cake I made dozens and dozens of macarons. They were delicious (it was the cake batter buttercream) and my guests were very impressed. Several people told me that they didn’t know I had such advanced baking skills as macarons have aContinue reading “Free to Fail”

Editing A Draft: A Seven Part System

Congratulations! You’ve completed your first chapter draft and are feeling that peculiar mix of excitement and nausea that settles in before sending something to your advisor and/or committee for feedback. Before now and then, however, you want to make sure that everything is as perfect as it can be to reduce the nausea part. We’veContinue reading “Editing A Draft: A Seven Part System”

Start With Editing

So far this October we’ve given you some of our best tips to make dissertating feel doable and, dare we say it, exciting!, rather than terrifying. If you are an astute reader (and of course you are, you smart cookie) then you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t talked much about writing at all. Certainly, we’veContinue reading “Start With Editing”

Writing vs. Editing

When I was in coursework I often had 3 seminar papers due around the same time at the end of the semester. Combined with teaching responsibilities and the rigors of trying to be a person (e.g. cooking, cleaning, showering) I often wrote these papers at the last minute. What I mean by that, is thatContinue reading “Writing vs. Editing”

It’s Called A Trash Can

  Last Wednesday, we asserted that “dissertations are a trash genre.” We stand by this statement However, we’ve also received some great feedback from people who have written dissertations that we wish to add. The most important thing to reiterate is that you absolutely have to write a dissertation. It is the only way toContinue reading “It’s Called A Trash Can”

The Struggle Is Real

On Tuesday I promised that I would share a post with you on Thursday about how to think about writing a dissertation because it is fundamentally different from almost any other writing project you can undertake. However, if you check our archives that you’ll see there was no post on Thursday. Started on Monday, nowContinue reading “The Struggle Is Real”

Do It For Love; or Dissertation Advice Conveyed Primarily Through GIFs of Elle Woods

Congratulations! You were admitted to a PhD program, you completed your course work, you survived your prelim exams, you defended your prospectus and now you are, at long last A. B. D. That moment can feel like this: Embrace it. Celebrate it. Take at least a week. Then, right before you feel really ready forContinue reading “Do It For Love; or Dissertation Advice Conveyed Primarily Through GIFs of Elle Woods”