Recently, I was talking to a graduate student at a land-grant university. Because this person works at a land-grant, the salary of everyone who works there is public information and available online with some minimal searching. This person, a second-year PhD student, was shocked to discover that all of the faculty in their department makeContinue reading “Money”

Weekly Roundup!

Get ready, y’all! First, we’ve got a series of graphs looking at first-generation PhD students compiled by the NSF. The information isn’t exactly cheery but it is necessary. Five years ago Inside Higher Ed did a series on first-gen grad students. We think it’s worth revisiting some of their articles below: Imposter Syndrome–I particularly appreciateContinue reading “Weekly Roundup!”

Reading for Prelims

So far this month we’ve covered what prelims are, what work prelims are supposed to do, and how to prepare the first draft of your list. Today, we are covering how to read for prelims. The first thing to know, of course, is how your program does prelims. I recently heard of a philosophy program inContinue reading “Reading for Prelims”