What We Do

We’re here to help you get that D without losing your sanity!

abd2phd is a (w)holistic dissertation coaching service for humanities scholars.

We offer help with everything from outlines to edits and everything in between.

We’ll be your coach, your cheerleader, and your friend providing honest, helpful feedback on your dissertation problems.

We’ve successfully helped clients with:

  • Increasing productivity while decreasing stress
  • Setting priorities
  • Meeting goals/deadlines
  • Managing your committee (e.g. navigating complicated interpersonal difficulties, moving a slow committee along, or keeping your sanity when working with a narcissistic chair)
  • Concept editing (e.g. reviewing your document for themes, structure, cohesion, and so on)
  • Supporting you in taking care of yourself because your dissertation wouldn’t exist without YOU

What Makes Us Unique

We meet you were you are in your process. An average session could involve one, two, or all of the above services.

We follow up. We hope that you leave our one-on-one sessions feeling encouraged and excited but we’re not going to leave you to do it on your own.

After every session we follow-up with you twice.

Within 24 hours of our session you’ll get a written re-cap of what we talked about and a curated to-do list to ease decision fatigue and keep you going.

Within 72 hours we’ll check-in to see how things are going and recalibrate if necessary.

What We Cost

One one-hour session (with two follow-ups) is $125.

Our Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied after your first session we’ll refund your money.