Weekly Roundup!

As part of our summer series on rest, we took a rest from our weekly roundup feature. We are excited to return to providing you weekly links to content related to the topics we’ve discussed. This week’s roundup is a milestone in another way, as well. This is the first week that all of our roundup links are in-house. Please enjoy these sample syllabi. Feel free to use any parts of them that you find useful! 

POL 222_Spring–This course was cross-listed between political science and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. It was an absolute joy to teach–especially when students started connecting Hartsock’s Standpoint Theory (which no one understands the first time around) and how policy is made/the makeup of Congress/the personal is political.

WGSS Syllabus–An introductory course for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies which, at my institution was a 200 level class.

Intro to LGBT Studies–The introductory course to the LGBT studies minor–also designed to be a 200 level course.

American Virgins in History and Culture–This course was approved to be taught as a 300 level course in the American Studies program but then I got a fellowship and never actually got to teach it. If you get a chance to teach it then tell me how it goes. If you want to hire me to teach it–I’m available.

If you liked the project based assessment system feel free to check out these syllabi for additional projects not listed in the earlier post.

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